Is today’s document capture technology stack intelligent enough?


Sooi Yung


9 in 10 senior executives interviewed have experienced document extraction software that still require a mid to high level of human intervention, according to a survey conducted by TAIGER.

The survey, which involved a sample size of 187 senior executives, offers a quick view of the market in document capture technology, including common obstacles faced in the adoption of the technology.

It also revealed that most firms were not reaping the full benefits of document capture technology as more than 50% were unable to derive value out of document capture AI.

Speaking at the recent EMEA Virtual Partner Summit held by Kodak Alaris, Dr Sinuhe Arroyo, TAIGER’s Founder and CEO, highlighted how machine learning based automation today fails in reading and extracting information from complex and unstructured documents.

He then makes a case for more intelligent automation by citing TAIGER’s use of cognitive AI, which constitutes lesser known aspects of AI such as Natural language processing, Knowledge Representation, and Perception.

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