TAIGER named as an IDC innovator for Artificial Intelligence – Automation Solution Provider


Joshua Kwah


TAIGER has been named an IDC Innovator in the report, Artificial Intelligence–Powered Automation Solution Providers in Asia/Pacific 2019. The report features emerging vendors that have developed and demonstrated “intelligent process automation” particularly those provide AI-powered automation solutions for knowledge worker processes, which typical require domain knowledge and sequential task executions. It is primarily about learning complex workflows. Non-intelligent RPA such as screen scraping is excluded.
IDC defines AI as “systems that learn, reason, and self-correct. These systems hypothesize and formulate possible answers based on available evidence, can be trained through the ingestion of vast amounts of content, and automatically adapt and learn from their mistakes and failures.” IDC views the potential opportunity for AI technology, in the near term, to stay with use cases in which it is possible to painting a clear portrait of the end state.

“Their solutions create space for the workforce to release their creative intelligence and kick-start a man–machine collaborative learning cycle,” said Jessie Cai Danqing, senior research manager, IDC Asia/Pacific.

“Traditional automation is good for simple and repetitive tasks but the expectations today in enterprises are much higher. They deal with more complex tasks and require more intelligence, and therefore more cost and time. Our non-symbolic approach allows our clients to automate complex cognitive tasks at a very high level of accuracy, contractually guaranteed. We are committed to scale our solution in client organisations and forge strong global partnerships to bring about a new era of productivity for organisations,” said Founder and CEO of Taiger, Dr Sinuhe Arroyo. “This recognition encourages us to keep pushing the boundaries of AI in our quest to achieve man-machine collaboration.”

Download a copy of IDC Innovators – TAIGER’s report from the button below.



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