The Psychology of Founders: Maintaining Mental Wellness in Uncertain Times


Daniel Lee


The Singapore Week of Innovation & Technology (SWITCH) from 7-11 December brought together leaders from the tech industry to discuss various topics. One of these talks included something out of the norm. It was not one of the typical topics such as new trends, the future of technology or how businesses can adapt to the new normal. Hosted by Founder of Tech In Asia, Willis Wee, Sharon Lee (Co-Founder & COO of HReasily) and Sinuhe Arroyo (Founder & CEO of TAIGER) discussed how they look after their mental well-being amidst the uncertain times caused by the global pandemic.

The common stressors shared by Sharon and Sinuhe included things like cash flow strains due to project delays, making sense of new government regulations and initiatives every week, ever evolving contingency plans and virtual communication difficulties. Both then went on to share their personal struggles as well as how they faced these challenges as an individual and as an organisation.

Willis summed up their conversation with 3 takeaways:

  1. Be truthful about how you feel and face the challenges
  2. Start off any conversation with kindness
  3. Getting good vibes is just a booster but at the end of the day one needs to take concrete actions to create the sustainable business well-being

Watch the full session:


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