Joshua Kwah
Taiger AI Assistant. How would such an AI assistant of tomorrow look like today?

Better customer service with application-connected AI assistants

Have you filled up refinancing documents for your property? Or a mortgage loan application? Both are processes that can take an hour to get done. The back and forth of text messages with the bank agent, accessing documents from various domains, filling and cross-checking the forms. A task I wish some sort of intelligence could...
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inclusive and intuitive are your chatbots

How inclusive and intuitive are your chatbots?

There’s a chatbot for everything these days. Chatbots that do your online shopping. Chatbots that search document libraries. Even chatbots that advice on your wardrobe. The advancement of artificial intelligence and burgeoning uses cases are the reasons why many enterprises are taking them seriously. According to McKinsey and Company in a November 2018 survey, 54%...
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Banking Innovation of the Month: Transforming SMEs’ Onboarding by Santander

Efma-Accenture’s Banking Innovation of the Month award for July 2019 goes to Santander for transforming SMEs’ onboarding. Todays’ SMEs prize efficient time management and seek greater control over their business. Onboarding therefore typically constitutes a major pain point for SMEs, and indeed in Santander’s case, their registration process was preventing them from delivering the best...
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Alaris Scanners key to success of AI software

As much as we like to think of document scanning as mature technology, its application can still be a huge variable in advanced technology implementations. This was illustrated in a recent AI implementation at an international bank with branches throughout Europe and Latin America.  Sinuhé ArroyoFounder and CEO, TAIGER “Our data extraction software was working...
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