Global Financial Services Casebook: Automating Complex Cognitive Tasks for Financial Services


Are you complexity-ready for hyper-growth in financial services?

Organisations face a common problem—their returns are locked by manifold complexity. Solutions today still generate low returns on both investments and customer experiences; development and deployment consume massive resources, integrations are piecemeal, and inferior process automation forces organisations to return to humans to complete challenging, cognitive work.




Automate complex cognitive tasks that unlock ‘better’ with Omnitive

Omnitive is TAIGER’s cognitive automation platform. It comprises several automation technologies for end-users to build, run and scale automation solutions intuitively. Our process automation core engines—an intelligent information extraction tool, semantic search engine and humanistic virtual assistant—have been deployed over 50 technology transformation use cases across the globe.


We have helped market leaders from financial institutions unlock customer-centricity and cut business operation costs. They include Banco Santander, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, BBVA, Citigroup, AIA Group, Manulife, Bank Otkritie Financial Corporation and many more. Our process automation solutions have enabled our clients to create fully digital financial services to grow business volume and unlock ‘better’.


“The team at TAIGER represents some of the most professional partners I have worked with. Otkritie had high expectations to be a customer-centric bank with a digitalisation vision. Yet, TAIGER was able to listen, understand and exceedingly deliver.” – Vasiliy Uvarov, Deputy Head of E-Business Development for SME, Bank Otkritie FC.



Achieve measurable returns in the Finance and Banking industries

Companies in the banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) sector are the key drivers of thriving economies. Robust digital infrastructures are crucial in optimising business operations, extracting data-powered insights, delighting customers and more to support fast-track economies with one-stop solutions. As industries collectively move towards digital, BFSI organisations have emerged as the agile pioneers of advanced technology transformations to evolve financial services for stakeholders across markets.


Leading organisations around the world have implemented and transformed with TAIGER’s process automation solutions to enhance information processing and drive productivity for unlocked growth. In this brochure you will find excerpts of our success stories of process automation in the finance industry. Download our BFSI Casebook now and get in touch.

Ready to unlock "better"?

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