IDC Tech Spotlight: Cognitive tools & self-service capabilities


Where traditional process automation players have struggled, one company has succeeded with cognitive technologies.



The role of AI in the development of process automation applications is in flux. IDC Technology Spotlight differentiates TAIGER as a contending cognitive automation player. They highlight the complementary role of self-service tools to support cognitively optimised processes, arguing that in the long term, broad scope process optimisation rather than narrowly defined process automation should be the objective. This combines the best of human intelligence (breadth) with machine intelligence (depth) to create processes that are both efficient and resilient to changing business requirements.


Process automation tools today, including RPA, rule-based ML algorithms and AI-based algorithms experience short-term efficiencies, but ironically rigidise enterprise business processes over time.


The report highlights the following:

  • Existing Process Automation Tools Often Increase Process Rigidity
  • Cognitive Technologies Are Emerging to Address Challenges
  • Cognitive Solutions
  • Opportunities and Challenges for Cognitive Technologies
  • Future Prospects for Cognitive Automation
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