Omnitive for Legal: Unlock Accelerated Compliance and Administrative Legal Operations


Omnitive for Legal: Unlock Accelerated Compliance and Administrative Legal Operations

The legal services industry is no longer business as usual. As industry competition stiffens and client demands rise, law firms and legal functions are pushed to do more with less. They’re pressured to look towards digital transformation as a new necessity to unlock new growth, collaboration and productivity.

“According to Gartner, legal technology budgets are projected to triple by year 2025.”

But two key problems might be hindering the potential of legal tech. One, the complexity of legal documents and data are binding lawyers to costly, manual processing. Tech and AI solutions still struggle to deal with data that’s unstructured and variable. And two, the procurement of technology is problematic. Piecemeal purchases for customised ‘plug and play’ tools hold promise in the short term, but are beginning to fail in scaling up together with the growing enterprises with sustainability in mind.

To us, this is an opportunity to unlock better legal document handling with a better legal tech strategy.

In our Omnitive for Legal Vision Paper, we will cover the following:


  • Legal technology trends and market outlook
  • The opportunity to unlock better legal document handling
  • Omnitive’s features and value proposition in the legal sector
    • Information document processing tools
    • Knowledge management and discovery tools
  • Legal and compliances use cases


TAIGER is a visionary Artificial Intelligence (AI) company pioneering next-generation AI solutions to process highly unstructured information with ease, accuracy and versatility for businesses to optimise operational inefficiencies and drive business value. TAIGER is currently present in Singapore, the UAE, Spain and Mexico City with more than 50 global projects. Along with IMDA’s accreditation, TAIGER has won numerous global awards and plans to change the way humans work.

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