Omnitive Platform Vision Paper


Omnitive Platform: Codeless automation to unlock intelligence.

Businesses know that automation is no longer a good-to-have, but a competitive edge in multiplying productivity and achieving business outcomes. However, not all automation is the same. Technologies need to effectively understand the information humans deal with in everyday, cognitive processes. And as these complex processes dynamically change in response to fluctuating market and customer demands, automation technologies must in turn react rapidly—a limitation in our traditional software delivery models. Here’s our perspective:

“We don’t just need more automation. We need more intelligence.”

Omnitive differentiates itself by unlocking intelligence. This means intelligence in knowledge extraction, intelligence in process management and intelligence in automation delivery. With hybrid AI technologies that can read anything, but placed in the hands of line-of-business users with zero code, Omnitive’s next generation automation is the fastest way to unlock human and enterprise potential.

In our Omnitive Platform Vision Paper, we will cover the following:


    • Challenges in our age of automation
    • Key components of Omnitive Platform
    • Omnitive Studio and how it works
    • Overview of Omnitive applications–Omnitive Extract, Search, Converse and Recommend
    • Marketplaces and Plug-ins
    • Value propositions and organisational impact
    • Omnitive architecture


TAIGER is a visionary Artificial Intelligence (AI) company pioneering next-generation AI solutions to process highly unstructured information with ease, accuracy and versatility for businesses to optimise operational inefficiencies and drive business value. TAIGER is currently present in Singapore, the UAE, Spain and Mexico City with more than 50 global projects. Along with IMDA’s accreditation, TAIGER has won numerous global awards and plans to change the way humans work.

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