Visa Application Processing at VFS


Visa Application Processing at VFS

VFS deals with a tremendous document load and variety of Visa applications, with documents including passports, flight tickets, invitation letters, and accommodation bookings. The manual extraction of these unstructured documents was lengthy, costly, and translated to low work efficiency among employees.


To address the challenges, Omnitive Extract was deployed to automatically process visa applications and on a secured cloud environment, with projected cost savings of over 99%.

In our short case study, we will summarise the following:


  • Client background and challenge
  • Types of information handled
  • Solution design
  • Results and key metrics


TAIGER is a visionary Artificial Intelligence (AI) company pioneering next-generation AI solutions to process highly unstructured information with ease, accuracy and versatility for businesses to optimise operational inefficiencies and drive business value. TAIGER is currently present in Singapore, the UAE, Spain and Mexico City with more than 50 global projects. Along with IMDA’s accreditation, TAIGER has won numerous global awards and plans to change the way humans work.

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