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Learn about new advances in AI and its applications in the industry

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Semantic Search Engines

Learn about the challenges in modern information access and how organisations can make use of semantic search engines to connect the dots.

Conversational AI and Chatbots

Learn about chatbots, virtual assistants and conversational AI and how they can give both front-facing customer services or internal operations a personal touch.

Intelligent Document Processing

Learn about information extraction through Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) and why intelligent document processing matters for organisations.

Product Documentation

Access step-by-step user guides, technical features, administrative support and FAQ

Omnitive Search: Enterprise semantic search engine

1. User Guide
  • What is Omnitive Search
  • Exploring Omnitive Search
2. Administrative Guide
  • Omnitive Search administration
3. FAQ
  • Release information
  • Commonly asked questions
  • Getting help
  • Glossary
4. Additional Information
  • Features of Omnitive Search
  • Administrator Training

Omnitive Converse: Conversational AI chatbot

1. Getting started
  • Accessing Omnitive Converse
  • Terminology
2. Admin essentials
  • Libraries and intent management
  • Intent & content building
  • Teaching your bot
  • Improving your bot with unhandled phrases
  • Chat analytics
  • Common space
  • Bot management
  • User & roles management
  • Multilingual bots
3. Admin advanced
  • Building transactional flows
  • Collecting user inputs using slot filing
  • Ontology management
  • Data integrations

Omnitive Extract: Intelligent document processing

1. Process Documents
  • Automatic classifier
  • Process documents
2. Document Viewer
  • Document and its information
  • Data extracted panel
  • Document viewer for the user with Expert role
3. Searching For Documents
  • Smart search based on filters
4. Reports
  • System user report
  • Extraction accuracy report
  • Classifier
5. Extraction by Layout
  • Structural training
  • Models creation
6. Extraction by Key-Value
  • Key-Value training


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