Speed up your Document Extraction from

Power of Attorneys and Corporate Constitutions


Ease company growth

Speeding the onboarding process for new customers

Lighter team workload

To process high volumen paperwork faster and easier

Customers more satisfied

With your business’s digital services

What concerns

The Challenge

The back office team in a banking company is in charge of reviewing each new SME company account registration request in order to onboard new customers to the company’s portfolio.

This process includes the revision of a high amount of complex legal docs, like Power of Attorneys and Constitutions. In most cases, this process is currently done manually by legal administratives having to review and check the information of each paper, often causing delays in processing and delaying the approval of applications.

Processed Documents

Spanish Power of Attorneys
Spanish Corporate Constitutions

What helps

The Solution

Omnitive IDP was used to speed up the SME onboarding applications validation process by automating the key data extraction from Power of Attorneys and Constitutions.

Once the data is extracted, Professional Services from Omnitive IDP developed an additional feature for verifying automatically that the faculties or powers of one or several persons are valid to act in representation of the SME.

This solution helped the banking company to digitalize and automate their SME’s onboarding process end to end, minimizing the validation errors and speeding up their business growth.

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