An intelligent bank delivers a safer
and more satisfying customer experience

What can Omnitive unlock in
Banking and Finance?

Creating a safer, swifter and more satisfying banking experience is your goal and our ambition. From automating mid to back end regulatory banking operations to reducing front end customer friction, Omnitive helps banks and financial institutions accelerate into a digital future.

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Unlock automated
regulatory rigour

Due diligence and regulatory processes are core to a banks’ operations. Omnitive’s precise search and extraction tools are proven in deployment to accurately detect fraud and other financial anomalies, delivering mission critical certainty that not just banks but regulatory bodies need.

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Unlock 100% digital
customer journeys

Serving customers’ needs from offering the right product and services to processing transactions and applications through digital means is a priority for global banks. Omnitive’s powerful AI tools allows banks to facilitate end to end customer journeys so that the focus is less on the process but more on customer satisfaction.

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Unlock faster conversions
at a fraction of the cost

Today’s mid to back end banking operations deal with a copious amount of documents of different types and formats. Relying on bank administrators alone to read and process is not longer acceptable for a bank to stay competitive in a fast pace industry. Omnitive offers leading edge document extraction tools to accelerate operations. It’s deployment in market has seen 90% reduction in processing speed and 1.5x more effective transactions against global competitors.

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Achieve measurable
returns in finance
and banking

Leading organisations around the world have implemented and transformed with TAIGER’s AI solutions to enhance information processing and drive productivity for unlocked growth.
Hear more about our success stories in the finance industry.


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