Accelerate legal automation with
hybrid AI designed for complex data

What can Omnitive
unlock in the legal industry?

Achieving intelligent automation in legal operations start with one fundamental— the ability to process complex data. To tackle this, Omnitive’s AI tools are the integration-friendly building blocks to unlock better management of data found in complex legal documents. From the back through the front office, our tools hosted on a core AI platform accelerates the most cognitive and manual compliance and administrative operations.

and above document
extraction accuracy

Return over
11 hours
back to legal
professionals each week

Multiple legal automation tools,
all in one core AI platform

Use AI to process all
kinds of legal documents

Omnitive’s intelligent document processing tools automatically transform complex and unstructured legal documents to structured data.

  • Process documents with high accuracy

Classify documents and extract data with more than 80% accuracy levels, far above industry standards.

  • Use pre-built and self-built models for faster delivery

Use our solutions out-of-the-box or customise your own document processing models for faster delivery according to your needs.

  • Plug and play our modular tools with your tech stack

Build better data capabilities with Omnitive and sync them up with your existing IT systems for automation at scale.

Access insights with smarter
knowledge management and discovery

Have information at your fingertips with Omnitive’s knowledge management and knowledge discovery tools that employ a hybrid blend of statistical and language-led AI.

  • Low maintenance, high performance

Automatically tag metadata and connect information through intelligent knowledge graphs built for the legal domain.

  • Discover knowledge without having to search further

Search across repositories, intuitively retrieve insights, discover patterns, and gain hyper relevant recommendations.

  • Keep staff and customers connected

Virtually assist all stakeholders to perform complex legal activities ranging from application submissions to data entry.

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Build the foundation to unlock returns in legal operations

Start with a core AI platform to optimise data-intensive tasks to build fundamental data capabilities. See in detail how our tools work in complex legal sector and hear our success stories in unlocking intelligent automation across legal operations. .

Unlock the future of work at TAIGER

Lawyers, paralegals and administrative staff spend valuable time managing documents in knowledge-intensive legal operations. The inherent complexity of legal documents means that they require manual processing, and consequently take a long time.

Omnitive provides AI document processing tools for legal services. The tool automatically classifies documents, and extract and validate data points on an AI-powered interface. With Omnitive, law firms reduce time spent on manual document processing, freeing up valuable human resources to focus on more meaningful work.

What are the tangible returns on investment with Omnitive? Find out with our simple ROI calculator for document processing operations.

Let's start by finding out your current document processing volume.
Follow the guide below to fill in your average number of documents and data points to process per day.

Number of documents manually processed a day

Document processing here refers to the average number of documents that employees need to review, classify, find information from, label their data points, and conduct data entry.

Number of data points to manually extract per document:

This refers to the average number of data points to find in a document to conduct data extraction and data entry.

Optional: Estimated accuracy rate of manual document processing

This refers to the percentage accuracy of the final data output from document processing.


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