Empowering governments
towards an enabled and inclusive society

How can Omnitive unlock
smarter governments?

Technology at its finest is when it’s invisible yet felt. Our ambition is to use our technology to help governments scale, serve and build society. In building intelligent automation to drive people-centric value, empowering the public sector is and has always been one of our core industry expertise.

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Unlock enlightened citizens
and enriched livelihoods

Meaningfully connect with communities through ubiquitous touch points. Delight and empower each citizen with digital tools to access the right information and government services, to build inclusive and innovative societies.

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Unlock smarter resource allocation

Put insight in troves of citizen data to work with Omnitive, for intelligent urban planning and efficient decision making. Reach out to each citizen with breakneck ease with Omnitive’s suite of easy-to-use tools, any time they want or on your demand.

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Unlock control in a complex nation

Omnitive specialises in simplifying complexity pervasive in government functions, by accurately dealing with unstructured information from any domain. The platform processes all kinds of data in their natural form, to empower modern governments to predict scenarios and manage policy-making, address diverse citizen needs with a personal touch.

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Unlock trustworthy AI for
responsible public service delivery

Be risk-ready with Omnitive, and build ethical and intelligent solutions you and your citizens can trust. Omnitive’s white box approach explains exactly the mechanics or reasons behind the choices made by its algorithms, so users can replicate outputs, perform audits, and reuse AI models with full transparency.

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Reimagine citizen
engagement with
intelligent governance

Government agencies and public service organisations collectively function as the principal authority of the state. They take on extensive responsibilities in economic growth, maintenance of a social framework, provision of public goods, services and much more. With citizen engagement as priority, governments are constantly digitally adapting to better augment both the quantity and quality of public services.
TAIGER has been a committed, long-term partner of the Singapore government with successful deployments in almost every government
Hear more about how you can unlock growth in the public sector.


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