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I chose TAIGER because of its mission which I believe in.


Andrea Koo,
Strategy Manager

Management Team | Joined 2021

“In my day to day responsibilities at TAIGER, I work with the CEO office and internal stakeholders to determine organisational priorities and dependencies, following which we execute them.

Working with passionate colleagues as part of a flat culture lets me explore my full potential and share my ideas freely. I’m revelling in a safe environment and countless opportunities to get my hands dirty, make mistakes, learn better and do better.”

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Daily Routine



Review priorities and plan focus areas for the day.

Brainstorm with CEO and COO to discuss key company priorities to focus on as part of company strategy.

Present research findings on industry trends and competitor analysis.



Gather feedback and ideas about social engagement initiatives over lunch with colleagues.

Complete final touches on materials for fundraising/grants by working closely with internal stakeholders.

Nail down preliminary execution approach for company strategy over a quick catchup with the management team.



Join weekly management meeting to understand key wins and focus areas for the week.
Run team engagement activities, or just have fun with the teams over games or dinner!
Smash for HIIT class to end the day on a high.

Questions and Answers

What do you like best about your job?

“I love the organisational structure here at TAIGER. I don’t have to be afraid of my ideas and sharing these ideas with my colleagues at all. We’re all equals and that’s a great way to encourage collaboration amongst team members.

I find being able to spend time with my loved ones especially important. The work-life balance at TAIGER allows me to explore my professional self while also giving me ample time to nurture my social life too. I get to make it back in time for dinner with my friends and family and spend some time on self-care too.”

What do you do to treat yourself?

“I go shopping on some days - retail therapy works for me! On other days, I like to go on trips and visit places like Gardens By The Bay, the Zoo and museums.”

What do you do to relax when the going gets tough at work?

“Netflix? Never goes wrong! I also really enjoy reading. Either of those or I just do nothing at all!”

What’s 1 quirky fact about yourself?

“I need to get my desk organised and refill my water tumbler before I properly start my day at work.”

What is it like working with the TAIGER team?

“My role here is collaborative by nature, and being with colleagues who are so encouraging, inclusive, and friendly make the job really easy. I dabble in a little bit of everything across all operational fronts and I’m lucky to be surrounded by people who are always willing to share, teach and support one another. I feel like I’m learning from the experts! And also offering my own expertise and ideas. We’re creating mutual value every step of the way.””

What is your motto in life?

“I believe in life-long learning. Always try to push your boundaries and persevere.”

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