I chose TAIGER because, it's taking me places.

Carine Chua,
Account Director

Commercial Team | Joined 2019

“Waking up feels different when you love what you do. You feel driven, motivated and optimistic. Working at TAIGER allows me the opportunity to feel this way. I enjoy travelling and learning about other cultures. And in my role as an Account Director, I get to meet people from different walks of life, and go to places I’ve never visited before.

“I believe that nothing grows out of our cozy comfort zones, and so I’m here to try fast, fail fast and grow fast. I’m widening my horizons and learning something new every day. And that’s why I chose TAIGER.”

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Daily Routine



Review and get ready for meetings for the day over a coffee.
Kick off internal sales meetings to discuss potential challenges and identify action items to ensure meaningful progress in the upcoming week.
Buzz with the team on pitching strategy for upcoming meeting with prospects.


Gather insights from client on project progress and user feedback over lunch.
Meet with prospects to discuss product applications and hopefully close the deal!
Resolve new client requirements through internal discussions with Product and Solutions teams too./span>


Quick drinks with the sales and product team to celebrate monthly project wins.
Wind down and head to the gym to recharge.

Questions and Answers

What do you like best about your job?

I love the culture of empowerment here at TAIGER. I’m free to push my own boundaries and explore my full potential along with like-minded colleagues. People here are full of energy and fiercely open to possibilities, so I'm never that afraid to try new things.

I’m a travel junkie at heart as well. And so my favourite part of the job is where I get to explore new cultures and new markets. I’ve been on business trips to Dubai, Hong Kong and Russia and they were nothing short of an adventure.

What do you do to treat yourself?

I pamper myself with food! Bubble tea... and cakes!!

What do you do to relax when the going gets tough at work?

I exercise. For some reason, exhausting myself physically energises me on days when I’m exhausted from work. Either that, or I immerse myself in nature!

What’s 1 quirky fact about yourself?

I need my daily dose of morning coffee to kick start my day properly!

What is it like working with the TAIGER team?

I feel as though I am home when working with the TAIGER team. It is such an open environment. There are never any negative vibes. I get to work with passionate individuals who share the same culture and sense of belonging.

I can truly be myself and share my opinions and ideas freely without having the feeling of being judged. I know that here, I can reach the peak of my potential with wonderful people around me pushing me every day.

What is your motto in life?

“Happiness is achieved when you stop waiting for things to happen, and take steps to make it happen. With every step forward, I get closer to my goals."

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