I chose TAIGER because here, I can spend time on things that matter

Harshit Gupta,
Senior Software Engineer

Search Team, Engineering Operations | Joined 2021

““I work closely with my team and clients to gather and create technical specifications and estimates. I enhance existing processes and impose best practices for coding like clean code and Test Driven Development.


With TAIGER, I get to try new technologies and take on new challenges at work, especially so within a fast growth startup culture. I closely mentor junior team members which encourages me to continually refine what I know, and explore what I don’t. TAIGER is the right place for me because it pushes my boundaries.”

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Daily Routine



Standup with project team, to ensure tasks are planned and blockers are removed.
Conduct client meetings to align goals and deliverables.
Brainstorming on technical problems with team to find the optimsed solutions.


Lunchtime gossip with teammates, which sometimes end up as solutions to big technical problems. 🙂
Sign off assigned projects with project managers after final checks.
Finalise business requirements with Business Analysts and clients after checking technical feasibility.


Knowledge sharing session with the junior engineers on web security and best practices, so as to ensure robustness of our systems.
Finish up code reviews and provide clean code/TDD ideas after having a call with engineers.
Take kids to the park for evening fun and have dinner with family.

Questions and Answers

What do you like best about your job?

At TAIGER, importance is given to both personal and professional growth. I get to work with my team and come up with solutions for the challenges posed to us. The variety of technical work prevents you from ever getting bored and that’s a huge plus for me!

The effort you put into your work is recognised too. You get a chance to take end to end ownership for tasks.

With my young family at home, work-life balance is a motivating factor too!

What do you do to treat yourself?

I treat myself with donuts/waffles at some cake shops. Frozen yoghurt with a lot of toppings is another guilty pleasure!

What do you do to relax when the going gets tough at work?

To relax and disconnect myself from work, I like to watch Netflix series. Nowadays I’m watching Money Heist!

What’s 1 quirky fact about yourself?

I’m quite particular about the way my tea is made. That’s probably why there are only a few places I prefer to buy my tea from. Otherwise, it’s best made at home!

What is it like working with the TAIGER team?

My colleagues here are very friendly and approachable. They’re always ready to help one another and I appreciate that about the TAIGER team.

What is your motto in life?

Be positive, give your best and success will be yours.

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