What does better
claims processing look like?
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Scale claims processing at speed

An administrative but the most critical function in any insurance company, claims processing takes an hour to a day for low to high complexity claims—even in our digital age. Yet, intensively cognitive processes from risk monitoring and fraud detection, to prevention and mitigation, need not rely on human intellect. With Omnitive, you can enhance the precision, speed, and customer experience for claims management to scale your business for accelerated growth.

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How does it work?
Build DIY claims processing models

Custom-build document reading baseline models on Omnitive Studio to process all kinds of claims--of varying complexities, domains and languages. Each model can be built by a non-technical user, with just 10-20 claims samples and in 5-20 minutes.

Virtually guide customers through claims submission

Replacing traditional forms, Omnitive allows customers to submit claims on a single mobile or web interface. There, customers get virtually guided with an AI-powered assistant to submit the required information pertaining to their specific claims request. The virtual assistant also answers questions and provides updates on application status, akin to a customer service agent.

Extract and validate with human sense

Required data entities are extracted and validated with Omnitive Extract’s natural language understanding engine that can read and process structured and unstructured information in low to high complexity claims.

Integrate and apply business rules

Omnitive Extract is API ready to connect and transfer data quickly to 3rd party workflow systems (Eg. CRM, ERP..etc)

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Why it's better?
Minutes to build,
hours to save

With claim documents widely varying by context and complexity, lengthy automation deployments become unfeasible. Take automation delivery into your own hands, by creating claims processing projects when needed. Upload your own claim samples, self-annotate data points you wish to extract, and train and use models at your demand.

Put customers first

In sensitive claims resolutions, the customer experience matters more than ever in whether customers stay or make the switch. Make it effortless and smooth for your customers to submit applications with 1-1 virtual guidance on Omnitive Converse. Allow customers to interact with the engine naturally in form submissions and handling of dynamic requests, to increase speed of settlement and drive client retention.

Bring back-office
operations to scale

With Omnitive’s intelligent tools working in synergy, cut claims processing times and increase processing capacity. This means less paperwork, less manual data entry and less human error. Turn customer touch points and core processes digital for a significant productivity boost.


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