What does better
compliance look like?
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Comprehensive regulation,
but simple and quick

Speed, reliability and accuracy are the three critical elements in regulatory compliance, but held back by manual labour hours and and human errors. Where regulatory technologies are limited in automating such cognitive and complex work, Omnitive’s natural language core fills in the gaps to augment human compliance abilities. Automatically analyse massive volumes of data in real time for the most accurate compliance checks, to increase your bank’s speed to customer and value delivery.

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How does it work?
Build and share automation with privacy compliance

Create baseline models on Omnitive Studio to read documents with a white box approach, to explain exactly the choices made by its algorithms. Replicate these outputs with audit trails, and retain control over the entire process, and share models with other users with no risk of data transfer.

Cross-check and validate across multiple databases

Match extracted outputs across deep and vast databases of information on Omnitive Search to ensure all data is regulated and to detect all risks and fraudulent activity without human error. Stay informed of complex regulatory requirements by conveniently accessing answers with natural queries.

Extract any document with better accuracy

Process all types of regulatory documents, in structured formats or unstructured free text, with Omnitive Extract’s Natural Language technology. Capture essential data points to complete each compliance check comprehensively and easily.

Elevate customer service while managing compliance

Synergise all customer touchpoints on a singular virtual assistant for convenient and quick customer service. Provide humanistic assistance by understanding customers’ complex demands.

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Why it's better?
Automate at no risk

Understand exactly how data and personal information is used in automated decision making through Omnitive’s explainable AI. Mitigate security and legal risks and effectively enforce rules of law, while exponentially expediting menial processing tasks.

Stay on track with
ever-changing regulations

Manage all guidelines and regulations set by compliance departments, governments, third party vendors, and industry organisations on one central interface. By understanding human queries, hasten your knowledge discovery process, increase search accuracy, and elevate individual productivity.

Create customer-centric
regulatory compliance

Continue to keep customers delighted in tricky compliance checks. Consolidate all required submissions your customers’ desired channel, and engage with them naturally and precisely.


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