What does better
customer experiential tour look like?
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Immersive experiences
for a 360-degree connection

Delivering a total customer experience extends beyond material, to educate, delight and emotionally connect. This doesn’t just mean going virtual, but showcasing a better version of your brand. Take things smarter with an immersive 3D experience that you can take anytime and anywhere, fused with personalised guidance that senses each customer’s pulse. With an AI-powered Natural Language Understanding core, make customers a part of the dialogue, for differentiation that upsells your business.

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How does it work?
Build a 3D digital twin

Share your story with customers anytime and anywhere, with a 3D space capture powered by Matteport’s AI technology. Render models of spaces and objects with high precision and high accuracy, and easily make changes or add additional tags to the 3D image.

Virtually interact with each customer

Accompany users throughout the tour with a virtual assistant, Omnitive Converse. Custom build guided dialogues to lead customers through user journeys that explain your features engagingly. Allow them to speak naturally to Omnitive Converse at runtime, to address their live queries accurately and immediately.

Acquire customers with embedded appointment and transaction functions

Pre-arrange or follow up with appointments directly on Omnitive Converse manage, by syncing to the engine to your calendar and suggesting optimal appointments slots to prospects. Further make timely and safe transactions and retrieve personal information such as document uploads to delight users through the end of the customer journey.

Address unlimited queries with Omnitive Search fallback

Unlike specialised live agents and guides, Omnitive has access to extensive repositories of information to help address unpredictable and complex queries by your customers. Unhandled outside of the bot’s repository can be retrieved from both internal and external databases through a search function, and be taught to the bot by administrators.

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Why it's better?
Create stronger stories
through digital

Showcase your space or service better than before. Allow customers to better visualise your offering in a self-service and multi-function 3D tour, along with precisely timed information right at their disposal through Omnitive Converse. Further leverage the high influx of user demographic and psychographic data automatically collected to make informed critical decisions in customer-centric strategies over time.

Scale personalised customer
experiences to unlimited customers

Manage quality leads simultaneously without extra overhead so no customer is left behind. With digital hyper-accessibility, free your organisation from the constraints of material space, time, and manpower, all while engaging each customer with a more engaging personalised customer experience.

Get stronger
conversions faster

Borderless and timeless, experiential tours reach out to new customers from anywhere around the world, and on their demand. Expand your consumer base and connect with them when they are the stickiest—that is when they are the most willing to learn about your brand and be converted.


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