What does better
customer service look like?
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Proactive and personalised engagement
that keep customers sticky

An amazing customer experience is the backbone in driving bottom line revenue in our interconnected era. As customers demands increase, the customer experience becomes the defining factor in winning loyal customers over. How can companies reduce churn, build memorable experiences at a touch, and anticipate individual demands without skyrocketing costs?

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How does it work?
Handle complex customer demands

Comprehend a wide range of natural input (e.g. dialect / malformed sentences / tone) with Omnitive Converse’s natural language understanding and sentiment detection capabilities, so that you can address any challenging requests even without human agents.

Enhance content discovery

Lead your customers to the answers they need in a guided experience leveraging predictive questions, guided dialogue and contextual memory features. Further recommend content by analysing your customer’s search queries and conversation in a session.

Engage through rich and precise interactions

Elevate customer engagement by providing virtual assistance in rich, multimedia formats. API pluggable, accurately direct customers to interactive answers including widgets, videos, audio and even access to external databases through a search fallback powered by Omnitive Search.

Collect customer insights

Enable intuitive data collection with multi-input functionalities including customer forms and data inputs. Analyse customer interaction metrics and bot performance on Omnitive Converse’s analytics interface to continually improve your customer service.

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Why it's better?
24/7 humanistic assistance

With Omnitive Converse’s natural language capabilities, cut manpower deployment costs without compromise in customer service quality. Continue to engage customers by giving personalised and precise answers, just like a human agent would, with no wait time and full control.

Acquire and upsell customers

Win and create sticky customers with memorable touchpoints that impress and engage. Derive intelligent insights from your customers interactions to strategise service delivery and build long-term, customer-centric relationships.

Easily configure and improve

Train Omnitive Converse to understand query variations and connect its responses in customised, guided experiences. Leveraging the high influx of interactions, detect conversation patterns to fine-tune responses and better meet individual needs.


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