What does better
onboarding look like?
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100% digital from
start to finish

This is our goal. Onboarding is a highly complex end to end operation that comes in various forms. From staff, client to SME onboarding, every onboarding process goes through multiple stakeholders and document types and formats. It’s a core process where anything can go wrong and you can’t afford that.

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How does it work?
Digitise forms submission

Client submits all forms and relevant supporting documents via designated channels. It works with Kodak Alari’s INFUSE installed hardware to direct submit and extract documents as well.

Convert documents of any kind

Omnitive Extract’s proprietary Optical Character Recognition and document cleansing tools de-skew and de-noise each document to produce a readable image, to effectively prepare noisy or scanned documents for extraction.

Extract and validate with human sense

Required data entities are extracted and validated thanks to Omnitive Extract’s natural language understanding engine that can read and process structured and unstructured information.

Transfer information to structured data

Omnitive Extract is API ready to connect and transfer data quickly to 3rd party workflow systems (Eg. CRM, ERP..etc).

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Why it's better?
0 queue,
0 friction

Omnitive enables onboarding to be done 100% digitally. Imagine onboarding without long queues and waiting time. Documents can be received, read and processed automatically from the start to the end involving bank administrators at the right junctures. This means better reaction time, quicker time to transact, optimised human resource deployment and of course happier customers.

Build your own

Stakeholders involved in onboarding can automate specific time consuming and repetitive functions with Omnitive. Whether it is to receive and consolidate documents, checking documents or assessing credit worthiness, Omnitive enables end users to build their own applications without the need to code.

command and control

One of the benefits of a centralised ‘no code’ platform for onboarding is control for both business and technical users. Business users can see and easily created or edit an automation like training it to read a new document to meet the changing requirements time to time. Technical users have a centralised view of all the automations in action refocusing their time on strategic streamlining and customisation requirements versus troubleshooting.


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