What does better
employee engagement and development look like?
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Smarter resources
for meaningful engagement

With people as the backbone of every company, they are the most essential yet challenging resource to invest in. Keeping employees motivated while receiving timely and tailored development roadmaps are the critical ingredients to successful business operations, and the biggest hurdles faced by HR personnel. This is where it needs to get smarter, to grow meaningfully engaged workforces in corporate learning powerhouses, to drive growth starting from your company’s most valuable asset.

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How does it work?
Auto-tag learning assets company-wide

Create a data management strategy by removing hurdles in accessing, analysing and deploying information assets across your company. With Omnitive Search, automatically identify, tag and connect information by relationship from various databases to enhance employees’ knowledge discovery.

One-to-one virtual guidance

Embark employees on guided training roadmaps with a personal virtual assistant. Use Omnitive Converse’s dialogue modelling tools answer complex FAQs, and build conversation flows to lead employees to the answers they need, productively and effortlessly.

Personalised recommendations

Match employees to intelligently tailored learning resources based on their exact needs, past behaviours, or similar requests from other individuals.

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Why it's better?
Drive motivation and productivity

With a one-stop knowledge access platform, help your workforce continually get better at what they do and deliver results. Make work easier for your employees by facilitating knowledge discovery in siloed and dynamic data environments.

Upskill employees intelligently
with data insights

With information tagged and connected through knowledge maps, Omnitive can function as a single source of truth for human resource departments. Generate insights to spotlight department-specific skill gaps, and propose individual-specific upskilling roadmaps that will benefit cross department mobility, employment morale and reduce turnover.

Minimise job skills mismatch

Provide personalised recommendations that are current, timely and accurate to each employee, by closely matching their interests and skills. Keep employees on their inspired career path by honing their skills, to increasing satisfaction and retention. The end result is a better workforce, lower HR costs, and company-wide growth.


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