What do better
frontline banking services look like?
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An intelligent front-office to
deliver instant customer solutions

Frontline banking officers ranging from Relationship Managers (RMs) and Customer Support teams to Sales Traders and Financial Advisors take on the most visible responsibilities in delivering excellent customer service. With complex client-facing tasks regarding ongoing servicing and onboarding, time is critical, and professionalism is indispensable. Yet, processes such as onboarding still range from five minutes to months to complete, with continuous back-and-forth between RMs and clients, compliance due diligence checks and manual document updates to continually reconcile new and old documents. This is where banks need to begin cultivating profitable customer relationships, by executing processes with sophistication and efficiency with Omnitive.

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How does it work?
Digitally nurture client relationships

Front all your customer-facing operations with a single humanistic virtual assistant, Omnitive Converse. The smart bot leverages Natural Language Understanding to understand natural human conversations and detect sentiments, to engage each customer on their demand but with the intelligence of a human agent.

Process documents at hyperspeed

Skip manual document processing by extracting structured to fully unstructured information using Omnitive Extract. Automatically retrieve data entities from complex forms and risk assessment reports and regulatory documents, to expedite customer service and support.

Document reconciliation without human error

Omnitive Extract accelerates lengthy document reconciliation processes by efficiently cross-checking data points across each client’s set of documents. With AI-powered extractions and reconciliation, Omnitive is able to detect changes in data, and notify officers to validate discrepancies for substantially minimised error.

Enhance your data management system

API-friendly and easily connected to existing banking systems, Omnitive is designed to support integration with custom interfaces, or connect to third-party systems to enhance your organisation’s existing tech stack without compatibility complications. Extracted and validated data can be smoothly passed to downstream processing systems to digest and compare the data.


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