What does better
fund administration look like?
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Complex data management
at your fingertips

Data is the difference in innovating the securities services business. With tens of thousands of documents received per month, digesting paperwork for fund administration is a costly human-centric operation often too complicated to automate. Yet, with Omnitive’s patented Natural Language Processing technology, complex and unstructured information easily get understood, processed and enhanced at massive scale and breakneck speed.

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How does it work?
Rapidly build document extraction models without code

Minimise IT outsourcing time-lags and spends by building document reading baseline models on Omnitive Studio without code. With an ability to understand natural language, each model can be created quickly on Omnitive Studio without massive quantities of sample documents, accelerate document training and data extraction deployment.

Compatible with varying document formats

With file formats received varying widely depending on your client, Omnitive Extract’s proprietary Optical Character Recognition and document cleansing tools help to de-skew and de-noise each document to produce a readable image. Omnitive effectively prepares noisy or scanned documents—from PDFs and emails, to fax documents or even images—for extraction with industry-leading accuracy.

Automatically extract relevant data points in bulk

With Omnitive Extract trained on Omnitive Studio, complex entities ranging from the type of funds and instruments, currency, payment instructions, to client names are extracted automatically at scale. Fund administrators would simply need to validate the extracted information with a few clicks, altogether reducing their manual data extraction workload by up to 90%.

Transfer extracted data for further processing

Omnitive Extract is API ready to connect and transfer processed data quickly to third party workflow systems, drastically reducing the time needed for manual data entry.


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