What does better
OTC derivatives trading look like?
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Precise document handling
for unique agreements

Over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives for active market makers deal with an immense amount of complex data in lengthy agreements to make margin calls against the counterparty. As OTC transactions are not governed by stock exchanges and loosely regulated by the International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA), such data is unique to each transaction and primarily unstructured. Where templated automation approaches such as machine-learning and RPA become limited, Omnitive effectively handles each data source by understanding the context of the content. This means unprecedented data processing accuracy that will empower financial institutions to streamline multiple transactions, significantly reduce manual labour and scale transaction volume.

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How does it work?
Rapidly build document extraction models without code

Create document extraction models that can accurately read lengthy agreements without any need to code. By understanding natural language, Omnitive Studio uses minimal document samples and a fraction of the typical time to deliver accurate extraction models for unstructured agreements.

Digitise documents submission

Omnitive supports a multitude of document formats and upload options to capture data via each organisation’s preferred channels. Documents can be uploaded through a web interface, API, mobile application, and even compatible hardware such as the Kodak Alaris INFUSE scanners.

Automatically extract ISDA documents with human accuracy

Omnitive Extract efficiently processes relevant data from ISDA master agreements and credit support annexes (CSAs) with uncompromised human accuracy despite minimal human intervention. Where manual processing or searching of each document could take hours, Omnitive reduces this time to just a few minutes.

API-friendly to seamlessly connect to existing workflows

Omnitive is designed to support integration with custom interfaces, or connect to third-party systems to enhance your organisation’s existing tech stack without compatibility complications. Extracted and validated data can be smoothly passed to downstream processing systems to digest and compare the data. Information can be passed into workflow automation systems to create alerts to upcoming margin calls.


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