What does better
trade finance look like?
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Smarter data delivery
for swifter operations

Trade finance has been primed for transformation. From pre-screening and anti-money laundering (AML) checks to manual document processing, each step of the transaction flow is freight with data delivery challenges. Cognitive and high-stake labour demands in trade finance processing hold massive talent risks and heavy compliance costs which multiply into longer turnaround for customers and potential human oversight. Where thin margins get thinner, this is where we need to work smarter. Omnitive helps enterprises process and validate the most complex and diverse sets of documents with flexibility and accuracy. This means faster data delivery for soaring productivity, to make more time for work that matters.

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How does it work?
Rapidly build document extraction models without code

Create document reading baseline models on Omnitive Studio to easily automate the processing of trade finance documents, regardless of format, complexity. With an ability to understand natural language, each model can be created quickly on Omnitive Studio with low sampling size, expedite document training and extraction deployment.

Accelerate data extraction and validation

Required data entities from complex documents such as Bills of Lading and Letters of Credit are extracted and validated with Omnitive Extract. Using a natural language understanding engine, Omnitive Extract reads and extracts unstructured information with minimal manual intervention.

Cross-check data to verify consistency

Omnitive Extract can automatically cross-check data points across different documents of a transaction to ensure data consistency as part of due diligence checks.

API-friendly to seamlessly connect to KYC or banking system

Omnitive is designed to support integration with custom interfaces, or connect to third-party systems to enhance your organisation’s existing tech stack without compatibility complications. Extracted and validated data can be smoothly passed into KYC or banking systems for complete the end-to-end process.


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