Omnitive Converse is a humanistic virtual assistant for customer-centric and competitive businesses to unlock an enriching way to connect every user to their organisation.

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Search, inform, teach, recommend
and transact
with a singular virtual
assistant, for every employee and every customer.

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How does it work?
Deliver human-like conversation
experiences through Natural
Language Understanding

Omnitive Converse leverages Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to understand a wide range of natural inputs, including synonyms, Singlish, malformed sentences, typos, grammatical errors and more. This frees customers to express their intents or question easily and intuitively without any accuracy compromise.

Lead customers through guided
dialogue for the smoothest
conversation flows

Customers arrive at chatbots looking to be informed, transact or engage. Using their inputs, Omnitive Converse guides your customers through a natural, guided dialogue and predictive questions to seamlessly deliver the value they need.

Anticipate unstructured intents
through continuous learning

Teach Omnitive Converse just a few ways different intents can be phrased, and the bot automatically expands each expression's variation to anticipate a comprehensive breadth of natural language. Directly manage any unhandled phrases so your bot gets better and better over time.

Constantly elevate search
performance with a back-end
Ontology Manager

Drive tangible growth with specific key statistics on bot and content performance, including Conversation Flow Analysis, Conversation Sentiment Detection, and Goal Completion Tracking. Extract and visualise actionable insights to never stop elevating the customer experience.

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Why it's better?
Smart and easy to maintain

Through detection of changing customer needs and continuous learning, Omnitive Converse effectively copes with highly dynamic customer environments. New queries and answers can be quickly created and uploaded by any non-technical user to easily stay on track.

Multiple chatbots, one platform

Omnitive Converse supports multi-tenancy configuration, allowing end users to deploy both internal and external virtual assistants or chatbots with ease, without the need for coding.

Multifunctional to serve customers on their terms

Omnitive Converse complements our suite of Omnitive tools to perform document extractions, information searches, and full transactions, allowing your enterprise to serve your customers faster and more effectively.

Humanlike customer service for powerful customer experiences

With its natural language technology core, Omnitive Converse is able to sense and respond to queries with human dexterity. Upscale valuable customer service even as your organisation grows, to nurture customers that keep coming back.


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