Multilingual & Intelligent

Displays rich information like search results, document viewer or other custom content.
Responds and helps each user retrieve the accurate information required through keen understanding of context and enquiry.
Ability to create new language files and manage languages. Auto-detects a user's language and replies in the auto-detected language.
Understand non-standard language, including slang, abbreviations, and localisms.
Detects typos and spelling errors in the user messages, and interprets the input as the correct word. Often the users won’t type proper sentences but simply lists of words, since they may be used to other UIs such as common search engines (e.g. “loan apply”). We will try to infer the user intent from the words, and provide the most suitable answer.
Ontology is the concept domain knowledge model, consisting of a hierarchy of concepts and its relationships with one another. It is used to further analyze questions and helps to drive the dialogs.
Responds empathetically or adapts conversation based on emotional hints from user input.
Understand the structure of the sentence to derive its meaning, e.g. “what is the price/cost/charge/fee of season parking”. For domain-specific synonyms, users can configure through the Ontology Manager.

Interoperable Enterprise Functions

The use of APIs in our platform allows for easy integration with applications, systems and data. Reduces costs and empowers technology innovations.
Use our Dialogue Modelling tools to build engaging conversational experiences for automating business workflows.
Connect to any system by using plugins, without constraints, directly in your Conversation Flows.

Reporting & Statistics Visualisation

Ability to review all conversation history for conversation flow analysis.
Access to metrics such as customer satisfaction and rating of usefulness.
Ability to review questions that were not answered.
Review conversation sentiment detection success through customer ratings.
Access to metrics such as deflection rate and matching accuracy.
A personalised dashboard with KPI metrics displayed as charts. Some examples of metrics include customer satisfaction, rating of usefulness, deflection rate and matching accuracy.


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