Omnitive Extract is an intelligent document processing tool to process even the most complex documents you thought only humans could read.

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Read and process
structured and unstructured
information of various
formats and languages.

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How does it work?
Handle noisy
documents with automatic
classification and cleansing

Our proprietary Optical Character Recognition and cleanser tool automatically classifies document formats and denoises and deskews images to enhance critical data points for extraction.

Read unstructured information
with human sense

Natural language technology enables Omnitive Extract to read and understand the context, language patterns and sentence structure to extract data entities required with a high level of accuracy.

Easily validate and export
extracted outputs

Extracted data can be validated easily through Omnitive Extract's document viewer. Once validated, data can be readily exported in standardised formats such as XML, or via APIs for downstream systems to consume.

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Why it's better?
Industry leading accuracy

Achieve 90% read accuracies for even the most unstructured information, contractually guaranteed.

Productivity Lever

Do more with less. We're talking >95% reduction in time spent and millions of operational costs saved.

Multi-channel deployable

Adopt Omnitive Extract across any industry and any department, on-prem or on Cloud.

Ready to unlock better returns?

See for yourself what tangible returns you can achieve with Omnitive Extract’s intelligent document processing solution. Tell us more about your current document processing volume and effort and we’ll simulate the potential returns on investment you can unlock through Omnitive.

Let's start by finding out your current document processing volume.
Follow the guide below to fill in your average number of documents and data points to process per day.

Number of documents manually processed a day

Document processing here refers to the average number of documents that employees need to review, classify, find information from, label their data points, and conduct data entry.

Number of data points to manually extract per document:

This refers to the average number of data points to find in a document to conduct data extraction and data entry.

Optional: Estimated accuracy rate of manual document processing

This refers to the percentage accuracy of the final data output from document processing.


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