Omnitive is an AI platform that allows business users to build, use and scale cognitive applications that enhance their automation operations.

Codeless automation tools,
all in one intelligent platform.

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Unlock a new era of
growth with Omnitive
Multiply capacity without costly churn

Automating enterprise operations is the key to growth. Yet, increasing your business’ capacity and efficiency to match this pace often increases costs and risks. Omnitive multiplies operational capacity without the traditional systemic costs. Its easy-to-use interface and Powerful AI tools allows business users to build and use cognitive automation without the need to code. Unlocking an AI-enabled workforce has never been easier.

Lift ROI beyond the norm

Whether ROI is about driving revenue, transactions, productivity or customer satisfaction, Omnitive has been proven in large scale and mission critical operations to deliver performance above and beyond predecessors.

Put customer success on repeat

Customer satisfaction is key to recurring growth and yet it is an elusive goal to deliver due to its dynamism and complexity. Wherever real time and hyper-personalised service is expected, enterprises look to Omnitive to automate quality service responses that their customers deserve.

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The Omnitive Difference

Leading edge Hybrid AI

Omnitive is built different from the start. While many automation platforms leverage a statistical approach to learn, it's laborious and costly because codes need to be scripted constantly to cope with the dynamic business demands. Omnitive takes a hybrid AI approach in platform development. Its proprietary technology core hybridises a statistical (eg. machine learning) and symbolic AI (eg. semantic and natural language) that allows the platform to understand complex information with industry leading accuracy, and make precise decisions to complex operations one would expect only capable by a human. The result is a more intelligent and effective automation platform without the high cost of maintenance.
Now, that's smart.

'No code' is better

Building AI tools to deal with the ever changing complexities require heavy IT resources to script, test and deliver—a process that is labour and cost intensive. Omnitive comes with powerful AI components that end users can pack and use to create workflows without the need to code.
The result is an AI-enabled workforce with a larger operational capacity.

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“What Omnitive offers is cognitive capabilities and services that help enterprises consolidate and solidify their information architecture.

We are starting to see tech giants like Amazon, Alibaba, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and others focus on this.”
- Anthony Mullen,
Senior Director Analyst, Gartner

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One platform,
unlimited possibilities

Powerful AI tools all in one place

Omnitive comes preloaded with TAIGER’s award winning AI tools that harness a spectrum of cognitive technologies, for automation across various complex business needs. Build, use and manage your own solution on Omnitive Platform, completely without code.

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information extractor

search engine

virtual assistant


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