Omnitive Recommend is a personalisation engine that offers timely and precise information discovery. It anticipates your customer demands by intuitively sensing what they need, think and feel, even before they know it.

Create highly accurate
for any query
to anticipate your customer
through a personal touch.

How does it work?
Auto-tagging for
recommendation robustness

User intents and recommendation content are systematically and automatically classified accurately through an auto-tagging feature, to accurately match query to recommendation. Unlike competitor solutions which require manual tagging, Omnitive Recommend semantic capabilities automate this tedious process, which reduces maintenance cost and time and improves recommendation robustness.

Three-way filtering to connect users,
interests, and historic behaviour

Content-based, collaborative and co-occurrence filters are applied to enhance the relevance and accuracy of recommendations. These generate recommendations by analysing the user’s interests, similar users’ interests, and similar users’ past behaviours. Such a holistic approach removes bias and enhances the accuracy of recommendations.

Augmented multi-source
feedback to learn on the go

Multiple loops of feedback are strung together to track recommendation effectiveness and improve the engine over time. Extrinsic and intrinsic feedback loops synergistically assess feedback through explicit ratings and interaction patterns. Native integration with Omnitive engines further assesses user interactions across Omnitive Search, Converse or Extract. Actionable insights available on pluggable analytics modules enable organisations to chart ever- improving customer usage over time.

Why it's better?
Strategically drive immediate returns on investment

Be it workforce productivity wins or enhanced customer journeys, empower your user to intuitively discover information that is timely, accurate, and goal-oriented. Personalise unique experiences to upgrade work productivity and keep customers clicking.

Accuracy to anticipate emerging demands

Gather intelligence on customer preferences through Omnitive Recommend’s leading edge predictive techniques. Stay in the know of the effectiveness of your products and services and get insights to what makes your customer tick.

Easily ever-improving

The more it is used, the more valuable it becomes. Build a trove of user data to extract actionable analytics or automatically enhance recommendation precision.



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