Omnitive Search is a semantic search engine for digitalised organisations to find meaningful answers in expanding digital environments.

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Understand the intent and
meaning of data to accurately
connect human queries
to the right results

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How does it work?
Get quick answers to anything
from multiple databases, on one
central interface

A single web interface makes it effortless to find answers across different libraries of data. Type in any query, and Omnitive Search will understand it precisely. Upscale accuracy with a host of user friendly search features including keywords, contextual, predictive, boolean, syntax, predictive, natural language search to better understand the knowledge fabric of your organisation.

Glean effective insights
with intuitive search results

Make access to insights from search results even easier and better. Navigate hoards of data with Omnitive Search's basic and advanced search filters, query relationship maps, intelligent suggestions and more.

Connect the dots through
knowledge fabrics for a natural
discovery of information

Turn abstract results into clear solutions through ontologies, or knowledge fabrics, to enhance knowledge discovery. Meaningfully connect entities to entities with a filtered graphical representation unlike any other search tool, to explore new information in the most natural way.

Constantly elevate search
performance with a back-end
Ontology Manager

Get Omnitive Search to speak the language of your domain with advanced ontology engineering, or knowledge mindmaps. Seamlessly update ontologies and re-tag content to gain meaning from data, that guarantees the most accurate results for every query.

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Why it's better?
Navigate deepening data worlds

With an understanding of natural human intent, connect relevant searches to complex queries across multiple knowledge repositories for meaningful insights that can be put to work.

Natural knowledge discovery

Discover knowledge just like a human would, amongst documents, images, voice and video with no accuracy compromise.

Full spectrum metrics

Conduct audits on their repositories of information for business process enhancements as well as governance.


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