Participation in technological platforms



We are part of technology sharing ecosystems, sharing our knowledge and experience with society

Planet Data

Establishment of a Sustainable European Network of Excellence on Large-Scale Data Management

The aim of Planet Data is to establish a sustainable European research community that supports organizations in exposing their data in new and useful ways. The ability to effectively and efficiently make sense of the vast amounts of data that are continuously published online is a crucial ingredient in Europe’s transition to a knowledge society.


Leading the transformation to the digital information society and economy

NESSI is the European Networked Software and Services Initiative that provides input to the institutions of the European Union on research activities and technology issues of particular relevance to the software field. The overall objective is to enable the software and services sector to contribute to the vitalization of the great potential of the European economy and society.


Spanish Software and Services Initiative for better cooperation

It is a Spanish Technological Platform in the area of Software Systems and Services and constitutes a scientific-technological cooperation network integrated by the relevant technological agents of the area (companies, universities and technological centers).

INES was created with the ultimate aim of increasing the competitiveness of Spanish industry, positioning it among the European leaders in the field of software systems and services.


Making the world smart, multilingual, and interactive with language technology

LT-Innovate is the Forum for the Language Technology Industry in Europe. It brings together leading executives from companies developing intelligent content, multi-modal interaction, and translation technologies. Language technologies are ubiquitous and by nature are key enabling technologies in a multilingual world.

In collaboration with other multinational companies from other sectors




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