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Join us in accelerating innovation to unlock better for you and your customers.

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Explore AI Best Practices

Dive into the possibilities of what our award-winning AI can do to help accelerate your client's digital transformation and grow your pipeline.

Expand Your Expertise Network

Grow your network with our best-in-class partners and add to your solutions expertise.

Enrich With Real World Technical Knowledge

Update your technical skills and knowledge through consultative sharing with real world deployments.

Some of Our Partners


Systems Integrators bring TAIGER’s solution into the wider enterprise application ecosystem by custom-building, integrating and delivering comprehensive solutions for clients.

ISV develops, markets and sells their own software and apps to the target market places. Taiger develops ISV partnerships with software development partners to extend our products to ensure end-to-end solutions for our customers. Every ISV partnership is built on a foundation of strong product synergy and a “better together” value proposition for our customer.

Technology Partners offer technology capabilities compatible with the Omnitive suite. Together, the collaboration delivers new portfolios of complementary solutions across new markets and channels, to unlock new value for clients.

Cloud Platform Partners provide platforms and applications that integrate with Omnitive's offerings to deliver end to end digitisation.

Extend the value of your solution by embedding Taiger’s Omnitive software platform to derive expandable solution for meeting today’s demanding market requirements.

Value-Added Resellers create multiplied value for clients by reselling Omnitive solutions in an expanded network of innovative solutions, business services, and technology support.

As advocates of our product, Referral Partners leverage personal networks to connect vendors with high quality leads who are likely to act on the partners’ recommendations. These partners bring in mutual benefit for all three parties—they help to shorten the sales cycle with a strong close ratio, offer high value to prospects, and receive an incentive for completed sales.

The Omnitive Commitment

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Proven and low risk

Be assured with a proven track record in delivering projects of different requirements, and a contractually guaranteed knowledge processing accuracy. Keep the risks low, but rewards high.

No-code and business focused

Omnitive is no code so that enterprises can harvest intelligent AI capabilities with lowered barriers to entry. For us, this means a widened and untapped market of clients, ready to deploy code-free application development.

Rapid deployment, multiple use cases

Deployment is incredibly rapid. AI models have high out of the box performance, for immediate integration into tech stacks and broad applicability across business needs.

Simple, secure and scalable

Our ease of deployment and high performance translate to a seamless expansion into endless use cases, giving you more projects with your clients as their business grows.

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Join us as Partner

Partner TAIGER to grow innovation through Al. TAIGER’s AI partners program provides the platform to develop and deliver end to end productivity solutions for your client.


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