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TAIGER actively participates in the SmartNOC research project

newtaigerstage 27 Oct 2022

English Español The objective of the SmartNOC project in which

Taiger signs a collaboration agreement to deepen during

juanjo.misis 18 Sep 2022

TAIGER continues to advance in intelligent document processing, receiving the

What if your chatbot can’t read minds?

newtaigerstage 08 Sep 2022

5 features to improve your chatbot fallback function when it

R&D project: Liesense

newtaigerstage 13 Jun 2022

Unraveling the effects of disinformation in the financial and banking

R&D project: SmartDevOps

newtaigerstage 13 Jun 2022

A project to integrate DevOps tools with semantic technologies and

R&D project: Hcommonk

newtaigerstage 13 Jun 2022

Improving the data quality of the Spanish DBpedia (esDBpedia) through