Omnitive IDP can cover all the domains specific solutions that your business needs

Our versatile technology can process documents in numerous domains with the capacity to classify, extract data from, validate and enrich documents.

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What customers say about us

Results are really fast to see! With tow members of the team training, we started to test results in few hours! In days, we had ready more than twenty types of different documents.
International Banking Company
Very intuitive platform to manage myself and my team. The AI platform is incredibly easy to use.
Legal Firm
The accuracy was always a challenge and thanks to TAIGER's Professional Services, with the accuracy booster service, we achieved the accuracy expected.
Assets Management Company


Specific solutions for any field or domain

How does Omnitive IDP work?

Pioneers in automation with unstructured, semi-structured and structured data sources with our AI powered platform to accelerate document processing automation.

With Omnitive IDP, users are in control to process all kinds of documents with an unprecedented level of effort optimisation. No technical expertise is needed to realise intelligent automation capabilities in every phase of the workflow.

Domain selection
Business use case definition: document type and volume to be processed
Cognitive model usage
Maximize the profitability of the trained model: classify any type of unstructured to structured documents, capture and extract key data from your docs. For any business area, any workflow
Feedback learning
Validations done during the human in the loop review can be reused to retrain the model and will ensure results improve continuously in a virtuous circle
Cognitive model creation
Test and train process by annotation to teach the system to identify the type of document and extract the key information from each type of docs. Applying Deep Learning with human-in-the-loop optional supervision to achieve refined accuracy results
Data enenhacement
Request data quality improvement to our Profesional Services. Data consolidation, normalization, verification and an. accuracy booster service at your disposal
Results output
Easily connected by API to output the results to any third system for any business application or workflow


About Omnitive IDP

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Omnitive IDP uses Generative AI, Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision among other disciplines.

No. Our technology is developed to ensure the extraction of data without key values.

No. Omnitive IDP deletes the data and the documents once the output is finished.

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