Speed up your Document Extraction from

Property Certificate of Registration

What concerns

The Challenge

The back office team in a assets management company is in charge of reviewing a huge amount of legal documents including the Property Certificate of Registration or Property Registry deeds to identify and verify the mortgage charges and the owners of their property assets.

Traditionally, this process is done manually by legal administratives and expert lawyers having to review and check the information of each paper, often causing delays in processing and delaying the approval of applications.

Processed Documents

Spanish Property Certificate of Registration or Land Registry Deeds

What helps

The Solution

Omnitive IDP was deployed to speed up the automation of key data extraction from Property Certificate of Registration or Land Registry deeds.

Once the data is extracted, Professional Services from Omnitive IDP developed an additional feature for verifying automatically the mortgage charges of each property and the owners of them.

The solution helped to speed up all the the workflow to take legal actions in record time while lowing human errors in the key data identification process.

If you understand the value of Omnitive IDP but still unsure if your use case is a good fit for automation, our experts will review your use case and provide you with an assessment of its validity and potential ROI

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