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TAIGER’s Omnitive IDP Solution Now Capable of Extracting Information from Vietnamese Documents

April 26, 2023 newtaigerstage Comments Off
TAIGER, the category-defining Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) company that brings together the power of Generative and Predictive A.I.for private use, has announced that its Omnitive IDP solution can now support the Vietnamese language. This latest update is a significant step forward for the company, as it will enable businesses in Vietnam to benefit from Omnitive IDP’s document extraction capabilities.


Omnitive IDP is a no-code, industry & document-agnostic solution that utilizes advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to extract information from any type of document. The solution can process both structured and unstructured data and can extract information from documents in multiple languages from less than 100 samples of training set. The solution can also learn and adapt to new document types and formats, making it highly versatile and customizable.


With the addition of support for the Vietnamese language, Omnitive IDP can now process documents in Vietnamese and extract information from them accurately and efficiently. This means that businesses in Vietnam can now automate their document processing workflows and reduce the time and resources required for manual data entry.


The Vietnamese language is a complex language with a unique set of characters and symbols. TAIGER’s Omnitive IDP solution has been specifically designed to handle the complexities of the Vietnamese language, ensuring that documents are accurately processed and information is extracted with a high degree of accuracy.


“Vietnam is a growing market with a vibrant economy, and we are delighted to be able to support businesses in Vietnam with our Omnitive IDP solution,. TAIGER offers a simple to use tool to automatically classify, read, understand, extract and validate information that is locked in paper, messaging platforms and digital stores. We are solving an operational efficiency problem that is worth US$77.6b globally (and growing) for customers, bringing Generative tech behind firewalls for private commercial use.” said Sinuhé Arroyo, CEO of TAIGER. “Our solution is designed to automate document processing workflows and improve operational efficiency, and we are confident that businesses in Vietnam will benefit greatly from this latest update.”


In addition to supporting the Vietnamese language, Omnitive IDP also supports 94 different languages, including English, Spanish, French, German or Portuguese. Other languages like Thai, Chinese and Japanese languages will also be added soon. This makes it an ideal solution for businesses that operate in multiple regions and need to process documents in different languages.