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Success story: “TAIGER changed the way we work” interview with one of our users

March 10, 2023 newtaigerstage Comments Off

Marta has been a law practitioner for over 25 years. She is also a technology enthusiast, keen to apply innovations to manage her workload and work more efficiently.

A few months ago, Marta met Taiger, and was introduced to its solution to classify judicial notifications. She has been using it since, with great success. In the following we reproduce parts of her interview.

– From your point of view, what are the main problems facing the Spanish judicial system?

“There are several problems that as a lawyer we must face in our daily work in Spain, but one of the main issues is the inefficiency and slow pace of the legal system. The Spanish legal system is known for being bogged down by bureaucracy, which can lead us to delays and increased costs. This can make it difficult for us to efficiently manage our cases, meet deadlines, and provide timely service to our clients.”

– Could you tell us what the daily work of a lawyer consists of?

“Lawyer ́s day is full of tasks and routines aimed to offer the best service to our clients. Most of the time we are providing legal advice and opinions. Then, we represent clients in court, prepare cases for trial or negotiate settlements on behalf of our clients in order to resolve disputes without going to trial.

And no less important, we must engage in business development activities, such as networking with other legal professionals, to grow our practice. Normally we are required to attend courses to continuously keep updated with the existing and new laws and regulations.”

– How does the automated classification tool fit within the overall legal technology landscape and what is its advantages for you? What are the improvements that you’ve noticed?

“The number of court notifications I receive daily is growing exponentially. On an overate day I can receive almost 300. We use the classification tool to quickly order the received notifications and extract the most relevant data. There are more than 40 different subtypes. Each of them with very different actions that must be undertaken. In certain cases, not acting upon the notification, or acting late, will lead to very serious implications.

The tool allows us to quickly identify and track critical information, such as deadlines, case numbers, and court locations. It helps us to quickly and easily sort and organise notifications, reducing the time and effort needed to process them, which in the past was 100% manual. This saves time and increases productivity.

The main advantage? The proven accuracy and reliability. Me and my team can depend on it to read notifications and point us to the key ones for us. By doing so it allows us to dedicate our time and effort to more value adding tasks for our clients, leaving the mechanical – yet heavy time consuming bureaucracy in the background -. In a nutshell, it has radically changed the way we work and increased the level of service we can offer to our customers.”

– How do you find the scalability and the performance of this tool?

“Yes, for sure. We started doing 40 specific court notifications, yet, I can see this being applied to other processes parts of the legal practice.We are working with Taiger in expanding the scope of the tool to other documents and processes, mortgages for example. It seems appropriate to me, a natural and necessary evolution. They will be successful.
Regarding performance, we haven’t had any issues at all, the tool is stable, reliable, nimble in cloud computing resources and fast.”

– How was the integration and adoption of the tool? Was the learning curve steep?

Like with every other software tool some training is required to make the best use out of it. In this particular case, the training material and tutorials are concise, clear and to the point. Taiger’s team offers ample resources and support, helping the user navigate any issue fast and with confidence.

The actual solution is cloud based, and features an easy to use and simple interface. All the configuration is done by the Taiger team, sparing us any technical nuances. All we really have to do is consume the outcome of the classification and extraction as we see fit from our computers.”

– Would you recommend this tool to other colleagues?

“Absolutely. This is, in my opinion, a very effective and necessary tool for any legal practitioner regardless of size. As a matter of fact, if the practice is small, the savings and efficiencies gained are very important. If the legal practice is large, both are large. I see no reason why not to use it, or why the traditional human-based process should not be discontinued …. each person does not grow
its own wheat and bake its own bread … no?”