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January 4, 2021 Comments Off

AI trends and business agendas in post-pandemic Singapore A silver lining to the pandemic There is still constant emphasis that we are chest-deep in a pandemic—not only globally, but even in Singapore despite

December 28, 2020 Comments Off

The Singapore Week of Innovation & Technology (SWITCH) from 7-11 December brought together leaders from the tech industry to discuss various topics. One of these talks included something out of the norm. It was not

November 18, 2020 Comments Off

In this article we cover 4 ways AI is improving the viewing experience in the real estate and hospitality industry: Fetch a higher price with 3D immersive virtual tours anywhere, any time Qualify

October 13, 2020 Comments Off

Just years from now, AI will likely penetrate every industry imaginable. The IDC forecasts that by 2025, 75% of businesses will invest in employee upskilling because of skill gaps from AI adoption. It’s

September 8, 2020 Comments Off

Where citizen engagement surrounds governments from end to end, public sectors must elevate their customer experience for citizens to feel heard, and productively. Meeting private sector standards aren’t easy, but AI can help.

July 24, 2020 Comments Off

Working in the education industry can be meaningful but educators often find themselves tasked with many responsibilities they did not sign up for which hinders their capacity to make an impact in the

July 17, 2020 Comments Off

The arduous journey of learning and development. Staff development is a growing prerogative. A study by Training Industry, a learning and development consultancy showed that the training industry has grown US$100B over the last 10

July 15, 2020 Comments Off

Sensitive shoppers and shrunken wallets As the world takes baby steps out of lockdown, many would have realized the world has changed. There is good news and bad news for retailers. The good

June 5, 2020 Comments Off

“AI will determine the new normal in how global supply chain and logistics companies run their businesses, in a manner that’s automated, intelligent, and more efficient.” The current COVID-19 situation has disrupted the

May 8, 2020 Comments Off

TAIGER has launched an AI-driven chatbot, ‘Ask Phoebe’, as part of a movement called #makehomesgreatagain to help people make better use of their time while at home with their families. The chatbot offers