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Enterprise SaaS lessons from TAIGER, SEA’s fastest growing B2B AI company

June 4, 2020 juanjo.misis Comments Off

Singapore, 28 May 2020 – During a Southeast Asia Connect webinar today, our CEO and Founder, Dr Sinuhe Arroyo, shared his journey about setting up TAIGER, one of the fastest growing AI companies across the globe, into a successful Enterprise SaaS company. The webinar was attended by 120 business leaders mainly from Singapore, Australia and other Asian countries.

Famously coined as “a wartime CEO”, Sinuhe explained that this term was used to describe himself because of the treacherous journey he has had to undertake to build a technology company from scratch. Born and raised in Spain, and after getting his PhD, he then went to complete his MBA at Chicago Booth University in USA, before trying to start his business there. He had failed then. Not refusing to give up, he leveraged his network and also on Chicago Booth, which then had a campus in Singapore. For him, Singapore has always appealed to him for its diversity in cultures, businesses and innovation ecosystem. He thought of the country as an unparalleled platform to prove that his technology works across any language and any try of business. Sinuhe was confident of his products and fortunately found fertile soil here in Singapore. TAIGER then grew exponentially and the rest is history.

Sinuhe also shared that the business of TAIGER was able to grow due to two factors – scalability and disruptivity. In comparison to other companies serving the enterprise software space, TAIGER’s product platform is comprehensive, secure and has a high measurable accuracy rate in reading unstructured conversations, documents and queries – hence making it easier for businesses who adopt our solutions much more scalable as compared to using other repetitive robotic automation solutions. The technology stack is broader and is disruptive to the traditional AI space, as products are designed with the customers in mind – what will make it easiest for them to automate more comprehensively, and allows for quicker deployment and guaranteed accuracy, all in a No-Code environment. He also mentioned that TAIGER has served many satisfied clients,  which include Banco Santander, Standard Chartered, Macquarie, and many governmental ministries and agencies in Singapore. 

The session closed on a positive note with a short Q&A session surrounding light hearted questions about TAIGER and Sinuhe himself, including whether he enjoys an array of good food daily, owing to the fact that he is Spanish and his wife Vietnamese!