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TAIGER is now available on Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace

October 28, 2020 juanjo.misis Comments Off

TAIGER releases Omnitive Extract, Search and Converse on Microsoft commercial marketplaces


28 October 2020—TAIGER announces its presence on Microsoft commercial marketplaces with its suite of knowledge optimization solutions; Omnitive Extract, Omnitive Search and Omnitive Converse will now be available on Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace for customers to conveniently procure and deploy tailored business AI solutions.

Why AppSource and Azure Marketplace?

AppSource and Azure Marketplace are Microsoft’s commercial storefronts which connect vendors like TAIGER to a global market of businesses, organizations and government agencies. With our new listings on both marketplaces, customers can now easily discover TAIGER’s leading edge solutions on one consolidated platform, access comprehensive product information and demos, and proceed to procurement with a simple click. TAIGER’s versatility lends us relevance to both marketplaces, with AppSource targeting line-of-business decision makers and Azure Marketplace catered to IT professionals and developers.



What TAIGER solutions can I find on the marketplaces?

TAIGER has listed eight solutions on both stores, spanning our three core products: Omnitive Extract, Search and Converse. Previously known as TAIGER Extract, Search and Converse respectively, these core tools now take on our new Cognitive Platform name due for launch in 2021.

Omnitive Extract is an Intelligent Reading tool that can read, understand and derive information from complex, unstructured data in any language or format. It leverages TAIGER’s proprietary Cleansing, Classification, Optical Character Recognition and Natural Language Processing capabilities to process structured to wholly unstructured information. Businesses can expect to reduce document processing time by 90% and cut respective costs by 80%.

Offered in AppSource and Azure Marketplace are baseline models specifically designed to read a range of document types. These include Omnitive Extract for

  1. Bank cheques,
  2. Hotel bookings,
  3. Invoices,
  4. Medical claims,
  5. Passports and
  6. Payslips

Omnitive Search is an enterprise search engine that utilizes the meaning of information, as opposed to simple keywords, to understand user queries and provide more accurate search results of up to 90% accuracy rates. The solution is designed for integration as a web-based UI application which further enables users to narrow down search results to reach the desired information with extreme speed and ease.

Available on AppSource and Azure Marketplace is Omnitive Search – Enterprise Search Engine.


Omnitive Converse is a virtual assistant that connects business to business to customer. With a human-like sense built with AI, Omnitive Converse allows businesses to automate conversations with customers with record >80% deflection rates. When applied as a customer service bot, users can engage with Omnitive Converse using natural, human dialogue to retrieve answers that meaningfully address their queries. The UI is a familiar chat-like window where users type or speak, and Omnitive Converse replies.

Available on AppSource and Azure Marketplace is Omnitive Converse – Customer Service Bot.






How does this accelerate your business?

Our new presence on Microsoft’s online marketplaces hails a necessary entry into ecommerce—even as a technology solution-provider—to both anticipate trends in SaaS and B2B ecommerce and reap its mutual benefits to customers and solution-providers alike. Customers can be assured of the credibility and compatibility of TAIGER’s best-in-class solutions which are all well-optimized to run on Azure. At the same time, AppSource and Azure Marketplace streamline procurement, deployment and management of typically prolonged, sales-intensive buying cycles, and also with full transparency so competitive enterprises can focus on deriving value that accelerates their businesses. More importantly, the platforms’ outreach drives a collaborative momentum within the tech ecosystem via a network effect, for TAIGER to exponentially advance our automation capabilities through widespread enterprise adoption.

Find us on AppSource and Azure Marketplace to discover your solution today.