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TAIGER Partners EDC in the Middle East

March 28, 2021 juanjo.misis Comments Off

TAIGER is pleased to be partnering with the Electronics Documents Centre (EDC) in the Middle East, combining EDC’s reputation as a trusted market leader in providing digital solutions and TAIGER’s next-generation AI solutions.


With increasing digital adoption across a business, leaders recognise the need to accelerate their digital transformation journey to remain competitive. However, with so many solution providers in the market, one often finds it difficult to assess the best solution for their business needs. This is where partners such as EDC are valued by businesses. As a leading and holistic outsourcing provider in the Middle East region, EDC invests resources to understand the market needs and source for ideal solutions. The TAIGER-EDC partnership brings together deep-tech capabilities and market knowledge to support clients through successful end to end transformations.

“Automation and artificial intelligence are the heart of modern enterprises. For organisations to be agile and robust in such uncertain times, they need to reduce the dependency on manual human-based transactions,” said Abdulla Al Hammadi, EDC’s Chief Executive Officer. “Our partnership with TAIGER is a powerful combination. Their document extraction solution has a unique value proposition which compliments our existing solutions in business processes. The Middle East and Africa is prime for digital transformation and TAIGER’s scalable and adaptable solutions have the ability to help businesses grow at their own pace.”

“Partnering with EDC to deliver transformation for our clients will allow us to provide the very best solutions based on a thorough understanding of the market such as their unique business needs as well as the rapidly evolving regulations in the region,” said David Padgett, TAIGER Chief Commercial Officer. “EDC’s reputation to undertake large volume jobs with fast turnaround times enables us to achieve our goal of unlocking growth within the whole of organisations, from single processes, to end to end operations.”

Learn more about our partnership with EDC today.