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TAIGER shared about AI Automation at SMU webinar

June 10, 2020 juanjo.misis Comments Off

Singapore, 5 June 2020 – During a Singapore Management University webinar for its IT Masters students today, our CTO Dr Guillermo Infante, shared more about what Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all about, and how AI automation can help to ease various complex workflow processes in the work environment, helping companies to optimise operational efficiencies and hence reducing costs. The webinar was attended by more than 100 students. 

Dr Infante started out by explaining the basic concept of Artificial Intelligence and what the difference between Narrow AI, which TAIGER falls under, and General AI is. Narrow AI systems are designed to solve specific, well-defined problems, whereas General AI systems are designed to automatically learn tasks and adapt to a changing environment. He also explained the concepts of Symbolic AI and Non-symbolic AI – Symbolic AI systems bring meanings to facts by contextualising them, whereas Non-symbolic AI systems observe raw data that seems to have no fixed pattern.

Dr Infante then gave the students a glimpse of how their future work environment could be improved with the injection of Cognitive Computing Principles, which is being used at TAIGER, into everyday work processes. These include Information Management and Cognitive Process Automation of various unstructured information and documents in companies. 

There are three major ways in which Cognitive Computing Principles can help businesses:

  1. Document Extraction which reads unstructured documents, saving organisations time and labour hours;
  2. Natural Language Search which promotes efficient knowledge transfer within the organisation;
  3. Anticipatory Virtual Assistants which when user-friendly enough, increases customer satisfaction levels.

The session closed with Dr Infante answering some questions from the audience. The webinar session can be viewed here.