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TAIGER’s Omnitive Studio is making waves in process digitalization

November 10, 2020 juanjo.misis Comments Off

Omnitive Studio secures semifinal pitching seat under process digitalization subcategory in SwissCham’s Digital Transformation Award, 2020



The biggest business buzzwords today are digital transformation (DX), with digitization efforts within the ecosystem ramping up to cope with our remote, new normal. Where companies are strategizing novel DX journeys and service providers ramping up solution offerings, SwissCham Singapore has newly introduced a Digital Transformation Award as part of its annual Business Excellence Awards. This award reinforces the primacy of the DX agenda through mediating a platform for organizations to showcase their digitalization efforts. It recognizes achievements in entrepreneurship and DX that are closely linked to Swiss values and success factors, such as innovation and a risk-taking culture.

43 companies consisting of MNCs, SMEs and startups, from diverse industries and nationalities, took part in SwissCham’s DX award with their best-in-class DX initiatives. Competition was immense with innovative digitalization efforts including new ways of operating and growing businesses through cloud, mobile, big data or AI, blockchain or the usage of other enabling technologies surfacing.

It was a close fight, but TAIGER fortunately emerged as the top three in our subcategory—process digitalization—and is slated to present in a second public subcategory pitching round. This subcategory is one of five that lay the stage for assessment—B2B, Advanced Manufacturing, Financial Service, Product Digitalization and Process Digitalization. Altogether, 15 companies were selected across these subcategories during the initial pitching round held in early November, and one final winner among all subcategories will emerge come early December in a final pitching session.




TAIGER’s big idea—Omnitive Studio

For our digital initiative pitch, TAIGER presented our biggest idea yet—Omnitive Studio. Due for launch in 2021, Omnitive Studio is a cognitive automation platform that abstracts the complexities of AI through a low-to-no-code approach for line-of-business users to quickly and easily build intelligent baseline models. The solution alleviates salient hindrances organizations face during software development and deployment—including lengthy procurement cycles, heavy reliance on IT expertise, data privacy concerns and unscalability induced by traditional automation capabilities.

Omnitive Studio was pitched to an established panel of judges consisting of competent and accomplished leaders in the DX field. Pitches were evaluated using Deloitte’s Digital Maturity Model that outlines five key angles or guidelines in developing and assessing digital capability.

Source: Deloitte Digital Maturity Model

TAIGER’s all rounded Omnitive Studio tackles DX head on, serving as a process digitalization tool for clients to execute their own DX agendas. TAIGER and Omnitive Studio’s missions are clear—to build a customer and value-centric tech ecosystem to catalyze broader digital transformation. This agenda was in perfect alignment with SwissCham’s award objective—to reconnect the ecosystem.




Gearing up to unlock process optimisation globally

Updated as of 4 December, 2020: We’ve clinched the winning title for Process Digitalisation! A huge thank you to the jury and our supporters who attended the public pitching round on 25 and 26 November, where we showcased Omnitive Studio as an omniscient solution helping enterprises across industries make work light.

Omnitive Studio presents just the first building block of a larger enterprise solution. Beyond the award, TAIGER stays committed towards leveraging digitalization in our intelligent automation solutions to do the heavy lifting for our clients, because DX lies at the core of our work as a tech vendor dedicated to free the human intellect.