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Unprecedented Productivity – TAIGER’s A.I. in 3 mins.

December 7, 2019 juanjo.misis Comments Off

The path and pace to decisions in the business world has changed dramatically. Customers are moving faster. Business operations are becoming more complex. The expectations of businesses to automate work flows are higher than ever before – automate work flows like reading documents, searching databases and providing customer assistance on demand. However, today’s automated solutions are not as accurate to handle the specificity and complexity of documents and conversations that exist in work and businesses today.

This month, TAIGER presented to 650+ global business leaders at the Start Path Summit in Miami on how our A.I. can play a pivotal role in driving productivity for organisations at an unprecedented scale.

“Every time we take on a project, we guarantee the accuracy rates you receive, so you get the quality you truly deserve.”

– Nidhi, head of strategic operations

About Start Path

The Start Path program immerses hand-picked later-stage startups in Mastercard’s global ecosystem. In addition to receiving operational support and technology expertise, the startups engage with our network of innovators and customers to address their needs and collaborate on solutions that aim to solve major challenges in payments, technology and financial inclusion today.