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October 19, 2020 Comments Off

19 October 2020, Singapore: AI startup TAIGER announced a strategic reorganisation of senior leadership positions to strengthen its business

October 19, 2020 Comments Off

AI is becoming an imminent part of our lives both in small ways in our individual lives and

October 14, 2020 Comments Off

Gartner identifies TAIGER as a sample vendor in must-know Natural Language Technologies and Emerging Technologies October, 2020—TAIGER is

October 13, 2020 Comments Off

Just years from now, AI will likely penetrate every industry imaginable. The IDC forecasts that by 2025, 75%

October 8, 2020 Comments Off

Artificial Intelligence (AI) was first coined in 1956 by John McCarthy but only brought into the spotlight around

September 29, 2020 Comments Off

In the UK, only one in 100 people could identify the main symptoms of diabetes and only one in five

September 8, 2020 Comments Off

Where citizen engagement surrounds governments from end to end, public sectors must elevate their customer experience for citizens

August 28, 2020 Comments Off

TAIGER’s CEO and Founder Sinuhe Arroyo presents on Deep Tech Fundraising with SGInnovate and Qualgro Singapore, 26 August

August 13, 2020 Comments Off

“Our inclusive, meritocratic and high performance culture are the reasons why we attract both top talents and clients

August 11, 2020 Comments Off

Last Sunday marked Singapore’s 55th birthday, and TAIGER’s ‘Ask Phoebe’ chatbot was selected to be a part of