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July 24, 2020 Comments Off

Working in the education industry can be meaningful but educators often find themselves tasked with many responsibilities they

July 17, 2020 Comments Off

The arduous journey of learning and development. Staff development is a growing prerogative. A study by Training Industry, a learning

July 15, 2020 Comments Off

Sensitive shoppers and shrunken wallets As the world takes baby steps out of lockdown, many would have realized

June 15, 2020 Comments Off

A diverse work culture is the status quo in organisations today. Studies show that the proportion of ethnicity

June 12, 2020 Comments Off

Every year, a great diversity of talent from renowned universities – both locally and worldwide – sign up

June 10, 2020 Comments Off

Singapore, 5 June 2020 – During a Singapore Management University webinar for its IT Masters students today, our

June 9, 2020 Comments Off

9 in 10 senior executives interviewed have experienced document extraction software that still require a mid to high

June 5, 2020 Comments Off

“AI will determine the new normal in how global supply chain and logistics companies run their businesses, in

June 4, 2020 Comments Off

Singapore, 20 May 2020 – Over 200 partners joined Kodak Alaris and TAIGER at the EMEA virtual Partner Summit to hear about next

June 4, 2020 Comments Off

Our CEO and Founder, Dr Sinuhe Arroyo, spoke with Singapore’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Heng