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October 18, 2019 Comments Off

The maritime industry is experiencing a digital revolution with new technology applications across ports, port services, shipping, dispatch,

October 11, 2019 Comments Off

Accounting professionals are becoming increasingly valuable to their clients. They are acting as consultants in tax planning, operations

October 7, 2019 Comments Off

Improving the Scale Journey for Startups The majority of startups and corporates have the same end goal: grow through

September 24, 2019 Comments Off

Taiger announces its official global technology and commercial partnership with Microsoft. As a global partner, TAIGER’s award winning

September 10, 2019 Comments Off

The impact of research, development and innovation (R+D+i) of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) on the scientific-technological capabilities

September 10, 2019 Comments Off

“Old money, young talent a potent mix to take Singapore’s deep-tech scene forward” To draw young talent, startups

September 10, 2019 Comments Off

Have you filled up refinancing documents for your property? Or a mortgage loan application? Both are processes that

September 7, 2019 Comments Off

Singapore in global race to attract best tech talent The Trade and Industry Minister emphasized the need to

September 2, 2019 Comments Off

Too much information, too little time Every year globally, millions of documents pass through the hands of lawyers

September 2, 2019 Comments Off

Drawn by smart city initiatives in the UAE, Singapore-based AI startup Taiger has expanded its footprint to Dubai,